About Us

CFreserve gives the modern trader the platform of choice. Keeping it simple is the vision, while maintaining utmost security and reliability. We aim to provide traders with all the educational materials they need to make knowledgeable trades, and to equip them with the trading tools they need to succeed.

This concept in the past few generations has a stigma attached to it whereby only large amounts of cash and successful business people could invest in stocks or trade foreign currencies. And it is still wrongly assumed by too many people, that large investment sums are needed. With this in mind, CFreserve set out to allow ANY person sitting at home or in the office, to be able to invest modest sums of money and offer them the 100% support and guidance needed for beginners. Confusing terminology and complicated technologies are not our thing.

Why CFreserve

  • Trade anytime, anywhere with our mobile platforms

  • Trade on 200+ Symbols including Cryptocurrencies

  • Dedicated support team

  • We accept a most credit card Payment Methods

  • Deposit funds in a strong safe and secure internet environment

  • Commission free CFD trading

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